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Miami Aerial 4K Drone Videography and Photography Service

Li Fan Photography is pleased to announce the newest service offering: 4K Aerial Drone Videography and Photography Service!

Utilizing the most technologically advanced aerial drones, we are able to provide comprehensive aerial coverage for real estate,events weddings and portraiture videography and photography needs. All with the power of 4K Ultra HD resolution videos.

Stay tuned for more 4k footage previews!


2015 China Trip

Snapshots from my trip to China a few months ago. Everything was photographed with a 40mm pancake lens that I took with me during my travel.


Miami Skyline – Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

We went to the beach during the Chinese mid-autumn festival, the moon was round and bright, unfortunately the cloud was blocking it’s fabulous view for the most part, so I photographed the skyline instead.  Enjoy a few pix from the shoreline!


Real Estate Photography Service

Since I’ve obtained full license to practice Real Estate in State of Florida, I now offer real estate photography service.

If you are a seller or real estate agent in South Florida area that needs kick-butt Real Estate Photography Service.  I’m here to help you.


The Power of 14mm – Rokinon/Samyong 14mm F2.8 Ultra Wide Angle Lens Short Review

It was only my first week with the 14mm Rokinon/Samyong 14mm F2.8 Ultra Wide Angle Lens, and I’m a believer!  The build quality of the lens is above average, it is mostly metal with the build in lens hood constructed of plastic (lens hood is non-removeable)

The picture came out sharp and clear.  The down side of this lens is that because it is a manual lens without any electronic parts, focusing though the viewfinder is tough, as I have to constantly switch to live view mode and press magnifying button to zoom in on the picture to focus.  So it’s not a lens for action photography.  But if your subject is relatively still, you can definitely get awesome shots with the lens.  I even managed to snap a few pictures of our cats.

Enjoy a few shots I’ve took with this incredible lens below.

Update:  It is on sale at Adorama’s eBay store (Brand New In Box with Warranty) for just $270 shipped.


Washington DC Trip Images


I’ve had the privilege to travel to Washington DC for a few days, and I’m quite impressed by what I saw.  The city is full of energy, and the amount of attractions that the city has to offer, there is no way one can finish the tour in just few days.

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Everglades National Park

We traveled to Everglades National Park during the holiday season, and had the chance to test our new Canon 5D Mark III for it’s performance.  Quite pleased most of the time, with the exception of exposure metering system where Canon still lacks far behind from Nikon.  Enjoy the photos!








Green Leaves In Black & White

Photoshop’s “Black and White” adjustment can readly convert a colored photograph into that “Ansel Adams” look.


Miami Citiscape Abstraction

Sitting in the car, so I snapped a few shots of the city while we cursing on the road.


Light Painting at Garvan Woodland Gardens in Hot Springs, AR

Update: One of the image I took during the trip has been chosen as Art and Seek’s Flickr Photo of The Week.  Click the link below to see it!

We took a trip to Hot Springs, AR, and was lucky to visit the Garvan Woodland Gardens “Lights on Landscape” event, where they decorate all the trees and plants in the garden with millions of LED lights for viewing at night.  Below are some photos from the night lighting at the garden, my images are mostly abstract, but it is a event definitely worth going to.


Forbidden City in Beijing, China

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Click on the image below to view original size.


Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

Visited the Fairchild Botanic Garden in Miami last weekend.  Truly an amazing place to explore! Click on thumbnails for more images from the trip.



I am already thinking about the fall.  It is one of my favorite seasons along with snowy winter.  It always gives me a nostalgic feeling, a certain sadness, a bit of happiness.  A song I’ve heard over the youtube further enhances that feeling, just look at the photos and listen to the beautiful song (even though it is in Chinese.)  There is no boundary in music when certain emotion is delivered.



Just took a trip to Miami, such a beautiful place!


Dallas Cityscape At Night

Was lucky to be on top of one of the luxury apartment complex in downtown Dallas photographing this.


Arkansas Visit Day 1

Absolutely beautiful scenery, hard to describe with words, so I will let the photos speak for themselves.

This view is right on the side of the road.  We stopped to take a photo before we continued our drive to Devil’s Den State Park.

Another view on the side of the highway.

Almost there.

Very hilly road going into the park.

Spider web

Reflection of trees on my rental car window, I really love the contrast of the metal and the surroundings.

This little spider’s got long legs, and apparently a long pair of teeth.

Saw this scene, and it kinda reminded me of Eliot Porter’s work

Golden leaf stuck on a tiny branch close to the ground.

The sun casting many shadows on the hilly road.


Snapshots around DFW

Parking lot in Dallas, then Fort Worth Botanical Garden.

Arrows in parking lot

Parking lot on a Friday afternoon

Color of autumn/fall in Texas.

Phasmatodea. (Stick Bug!)

Enjoy nature.

Ancient Forest


Northern Illinois University Reception Site

It is tough economic times for everyone.

To generate revenue, the Northern Illinois University at Naperville offers newly weds an unique but very affordable wedding reception experience!  I was asked to photograph the reception site to further promote the business.

I was impressed at how nicely they’ve decorated a university reception room into a warm wedding reception site!

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