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Our new family member.  Charlie was a owners surrender, he came from a shelter in Mississippi, where he was about to be put to sleep.  But because he has a superb personality, the shelter worker contacted a friend at Fur Keeps Animal Rescue here in Chicago.  Thus Charlie came all the way to Chi-town in a truck, and have seen a lot on the road.  There is also a wonderful story that they told us:  There was a thunder storm couple days ago and Charlie jumped over his fence to come to the other side to protect and sleep with a bunch of puppies who apparently got scared of the thunder, now that’s ultra sweet.

When we got him, he was all muddy and smelly from sitting in the barn, so we gave him a complete bath in the bathtub after he got home, and the water in the tub turned black!  After the bath, he smells just like chocolate, his fur was shining!

Hopefully my cats would get used to such a big friend.  Stay tuned for updated photos.

We LOVE Charlie!



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