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My Review of Kingston Technology 32 GB, 133x Elite Pro Compact Flash Memory Card

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Kingston Technology 32 GB, 133x Elite Pro Compact Flash Memory Card

Slow start up time due to large capacity

Li Chicago 5/22/2009


3 5

Pros: Reliable Performance, Writes/Reads fast, Large Capacity, Great Value

Cons: Slow Initial Startup Time, Slow in-camera formating

Best Uses: Storing images/multimedia, Portable images/multimedia

Describe Yourself: Professional

Primary use: Business

This 32GB 133x Kingston have it’s good and bad.

I’ll start with the bad: The card’s initial start time is very slow compare to smaller size CF cards (8gb, 16gb). It means when you put the cf card in your camera slot, the camera would take at least 5-7 seconds to initialize with the memory card (CF indicator on and camera freezes for about 5-7 seconds) The card is also very slow if formated in-camera. It takes around 10 seconds to format the card in camera, even though what the camera do is just a quick format(smaller size CF cards would do this in 0.5-1.5 seconds).
Sometimes the preview would also take a bit longer to come up when used with this CF card.

The good side: write and read speed on this card is very good, almost as fast as sandisk extreme iii when I was downloading images and doing writing tests to the card. CF cards are in general very reliable and rarely breaks.

The card was tested on both a Nikon D70 and D700 cameras.

I would recommend it for non-critical work where timing and slow startup time is not an issue. For professional works, I’d stay away from it and choose Sandisk or Lexar instead.


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