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Rural continued.

I couldn’t resist to not post a photo of such a cute tiny dog, it belongs to a resturant owner, where we ate at.

My uncle is firing up a firework on his balcony.

I went to my dad’s grave to pay respect to him before Chinese New Year.
And  here goes a car with only 3 wheels.

Then there is this field that has been devided perfectly in half.

In the morning, I woke up at 7 and took a small walk around the fields, it was a quite foggy day.

I took this shot because I love the simplicity, the repetition and the color rendition that’s seen in this photograph.


Click for larger view.


Pig Killing

The rural area still remain the most interest to me. Compare and contrast the extremly busy city life to the slowly developing peace and quiet rural areas of China, the difference is significant. I’ll go straight to photos from couple days ago’s visit to China.

The dogs for the most part, remains unfriendly to strangers, and will yell and follow you for quite sometime.  This one is very curious when we walked pass by.

I am lucky enough to join a pig slaughtering event in the village.  Because it’s close to Chinese new years, every year the pig’s owner would kill the pig and sell all it’s parts to people to take home to make their new year’s dish.  It’s pity I missed the actual event when they have to kill the live pig and burn all his black hair out in the bathtub that’s made for the pig.  I have omitted a lot of graphical contents but have included a few just for reference.

The guy is cleaning the pig’s internal organs to be sold for food.


The pig’s head is still in the tub, it will later be taken out and beat with a hard stone to knock out tough hairs around it’s eyebrows and in its ears

After the job is done, the guy who helped kill the pig is ready to leave on his tractor in a haste.