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Java Setup Window Blank Fix!

This will be a random post of the day, and I hope this article can help other IT professionals in solving this issue quickly and efficiently when installing any Java Runtime from the file downloaded on on a Windows 10 OS (May also work for Windows 8/7 and beyond)

When you click the java installation file, either the online install version or the offline install version (ie JavaSetup8u60.exe), the system opens a dialog and it appears to be completely blank like below:
java blank install screen

The only way to exit is by clicking the “X” to close the window, and when you do, the system will ask if you want to exit Java installation.


After trying to change compatibility modes a few times, changing admin rights, and change desktop themes to see if it was a visual glitch, my final attempt was to proceed to using the command line mode to open the troubled file.

  1. Copy the java install file to C:\ drive’s root location, you may encounter the permission dialog, select yes to proceed
  2. Open Command Prompt dialog with admin rights by typing cmd in Start Menu, once the cmd icon is shown, right click on it and select “Run as administrator” java blank install screen1
  3. In cmd line window, type cd\ then type C: to make sure you are at the c:\ root location
  4. Now type the java installation file’s name (ie: JavaSetup8u60.exe)

If you entered the filename correctly, it should open the java installation dialog, except this time it is not blank anymore (Hooray!)

java blank install screen2

I hope this tutorial can help someone who are having similar trouble installing Java runtime.

Java Setup Window Blank Fix! java install window blank fix windows 10, 8, 7