Miami Product Photographer


I am already thinking about the fall.  It is one of my favorite seasons along with snowy winter.  It always gives me a nostalgic feeling, a certain sadness, a bit of happiness.  A song I’ve heard over the youtube further enhances that feeling, just look at the photos and listen to the beautiful song (even though it is in Chinese.)  There is no boundary in music when certain emotion is delivered.



Sadly I only got a 50mm on a full frame with me that day, couldn’t get any closer, but you get the idea, fun to watch good’ol American traditional sport.


Arkansas Visit Day 1

Absolutely beautiful scenery, hard to describe with words, so I will let the photos speak for themselves.

This view is right on the side of the road.  We stopped to take a photo before we continued our drive to Devil’s Den State Park.

Another view on the side of the highway.

Almost there.

Very hilly road going into the park.

Spider web

Reflection of trees on my rental car window, I really love the contrast of the metal and the surroundings.

This little spider’s got long legs, and apparently a long pair of teeth.

Saw this scene, and it kinda reminded me of Eliot Porter’s work

Golden leaf stuck on a tiny branch close to the ground.

The sun casting many shadows on the hilly road.


Snapshots around DFW

Parking lot in Dallas, then Fort Worth Botanical Garden.

Arrows in parking lot

Parking lot on a Friday afternoon

Color of autumn/fall in Texas.

Phasmatodea. (Stick Bug!)

Enjoy nature.

Ancient Forest