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Another of my photo is been featured on

The first one on there of course is the million dollar cufflinks by Jacob and Co


Engraveable Items Mockup

I’ve been asked to setup a shot for the engraveable items that we carry.  So we got money clip, tie bar and cufflinks all in production and ready to shoot, but we don’t have any sample yet for the engraveable charm, I have to setup the shot with a temporary charm and replaced the surface with an existing cufflink surface shot.

This is the setup

This is the image I’ve used to replace charm surface

This is the final outcome.


Photographing objects laying on top of a photograph.


Macro lens is great for photographing objects placed on top of a photograph/book/magazine.  The key is to avoid reflections on the photograph you are laying your objects on, otherwise the image would look washed out.  I’ve used a black foam board placed on back of book to block the reflections.


Products featured: Ravi Ratan JFK Cufflinks