Miami Product Photographer

NBA Photography Experience – Dallas Mavericks vs New York Knicks

I have been lucky to be assigned my very first Pro Basketball/NBA shoot on the baseline.  And it was Dallas Mavericks vs New York Knicks on March 6th of 2012.  At first it was overwhelming not knowing where to go and what to expect, but as game progresses, it’s getting better and better and you start to know when to shoot, when to switch your telephoto for your standard for that dunk shot.  It was absolutely a wonderful experience.

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Efficiently utilizing limited workspace.

As a product photographer, you are often faced with the challenge of limited workspace, most often times, limited prop choices.  I was given a (really tiny!) piece of wood and to be expected to produce a 30″ print of a pair of our new style cufflinks fully blown up for the upcoming trade show.

The key is to find the right angle that utilizes most of the useable wood texture, combined with photoshop’s new powerful Content Aware Fill function, the final result came out better than expected.


What it looks like


Final result


Ratan Family Photoshoot

Beautiful Family.