Miami Product Photographer

Bounce light box design using recycled Bristol paper.

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars for a bounce light box for product photography, you can simply make your own using Bristol papers.  In this case, I’ve made a very nice one using just 4 pieces of recycled Bristol papers.  Just roll them into a slight curve, and place on your existing product shooting table.  In my case, I have one strobe setup from the top with a big diffuser panel.  I used 3 papers for the shooting area, and then a 4th piece of paper in front of the camera to catch more bounced light.  The result is obvious — It works!

For less than $1, it’s well worth the effort.  Try it for yourself!


Image below, the top one is photographed without a bounce box, the bottom one is photographed with this homemade bounce light box.


Food & Cooking

Was invited by friends to their house for some home made beijing style Zhajiang noodle, tasty.

This past Monday was also the Chinese Mid Autumn Festival, where families gather and eat mooncakes.  I made my own Suzhou Style Pork Mooncake for the first time, and it was a lot of fun.  The ingredients were really simple, but the preparation took long.  About 2.5Hr from start to finish.

Will try to make more baked dessert in the near future, it is a lot of fun.


experimenting with simple homemade backgrounds

Just experimenting with homemade colored backgrounds made out of printed laser printer.  Piece of Plexi glass was used to add interesting edges to the shots.  Turns out pretty good.