Miami Product Photographer


There were over 200 people abording the Boeing 747 flight. It’s 1am in the morning, and everyone seems to be tired.


The airline was Asiana Airline, a Korean airline. The flight attendence were all very good looking (typical of Asian airlines), For a 14 hr flight to Seoul, they served two full meals. Funny thing is they call dinner “Heavy Snack.” The food was surprisingly quite good, with a good balance of vegis/fruits and meat. The food presentation was much better than any that American airlines would offer. Best of all, drinks and foods are all free.

I arrived at around 6am in Incheon international airport, nothing was open yet, and I found a free internet loundge to sit down and upload what I’ve got so far.




5 hours till I board the plane to Nanjing, we’ll see what happens.