Miami Product Photographer

New Toy – Nikon D70

The Nikon D70 features am amazing 1/500th of a second flash sync speed.  This is crucial for most outdoor shoots in bright sunlight.  Compare to most Nikon’s newer offerings, the D70 still holds a position of its own among newer cameras.  Nice features on the D70 include:

1/500 flash sync speed

Light weight

Low noise high ISO performance (usable up to ISO 1600 in RAW)

Large capacity CF card support (can use 32GB or 64GB cards)

3fps shooting of unlimited jpgs.

Mirror lock up

Can be brought at a bargain (I got mine for $210)

Amazing battery life (at least 700 shots per charge)

2 dials on the camera body allows quicker adjustment of settings.

Folder support

Compatible with Nikon’s Creative Lighting System (on camera flash can be used as a commander)