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Sprint’s iPhone 4S Does Have A Micro SIM Slot! – But It’s Carrier Locked :(

Despite recent articles claiming that Sprint’s newly released CDMA iPhone 4S will not have a removeable Micro SIM slot, the rumors are wrong! My Sprint iPhone 4S does come with a removable SIM slot. However, it is entirely up to Sprint or Unlocking community’s mercy to have the phone Unlocked to be used aboard with local mobile carriers.

Update:  I tried to put a AT&T Micro SIM card in the slot, it appears that the phone is indeed carrier locked and will ask you to activate the phone at Sprint store with the foreign SIM card.  Also when plugged and connected to iTunes with AT&T SIM on Sprint iPhone 4S, iTunes will simply tell you that the phone is SIM Locked and won’t sync the phone!  So for now the SIM slot is a useless function on Sprint iPhone 4S

Some additional views of the iPhone 4S with a compact kick stand for watching videos on the move.