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CyberSync CST2 Wireless Transmitter Review & Compare to 1st Gen CST

Just got the CST2 second generation CyberSync Wireless Transmitter from Paul C Buff, and decided to do a quick comparison video with the first generation CyberSync CST.


In The Press

Another of my photo is been featured on

The first one on there of course is the million dollar cufflinks by Jacob and Co


Sprint iPhone 4S Battery Life (Hint: Can Last A Full Day No Problem)

So how does the battery life of Apple’s iPhone 4S on Sprint’s CDMA network perform?

Read below to find out!

Here is my usage very first day till next morning.  Phone was charged to 100% then used regularly till it died at 1%.

Only about 20-30min talk time, and mostly just surf and netflix.  While on netflex, it’s amazing that the phone only used about 4-5% of battery for half an hour of video…  The thing I find it uses most battery is when I did intensive wifi and 3G speed tests thing droped 10% in less than 20 min (which you can see screenshot of the test result on my website here:

And some videos I’ve made compareing my old captivate and new iphone 4s sprint version)

3G speed test, AT&T vs Sprint, Indoor, less than ideal signals.

PS, I always thought sprint had better 3G than AT&T, but I guess not, it is a tad bit slower, however, coverage is definitely better at my office location (4 bars on Sprint vs 1-2 bars on AT&T… now just need to wait for the LTE deployment next year and the iPhone 5……

I hope this helps you guys in making your purchasing decisions.


After a day of use, battery life has improved somewhat, lasting me at least 1.5 days of regular usage (internet browsing, maps, fb, talk and txt, no push emails though) See screenshot below:




Moving Globe Short Film

I made this short film on iMac with iMovies and a few raw footage I shot. The product featured is a super cool light activated moving globe by MOVA.
Click 720p for HD.

Also made some gif animations for product listing.


Sprint’s iPhone 4S Does Have A Micro SIM Slot! – But It’s Carrier Locked :(

Despite recent articles claiming that Sprint’s newly released CDMA iPhone 4S will not have a removeable Micro SIM slot, the rumors are wrong! My Sprint iPhone 4S does come with a removable SIM slot. However, it is entirely up to Sprint or Unlocking community’s mercy to have the phone Unlocked to be used aboard with local mobile carriers.

Update:  I tried to put a AT&T Micro SIM card in the slot, it appears that the phone is indeed carrier locked and will ask you to activate the phone at Sprint store with the foreign SIM card.  Also when plugged and connected to iTunes with AT&T SIM on Sprint iPhone 4S, iTunes will simply tell you that the phone is SIM Locked and won’t sync the phone!  So for now the SIM slot is a useless function on Sprint iPhone 4S

Some additional views of the iPhone 4S with a compact kick stand for watching videos on the move.


An excellent example of good design, Lenovo ThinkPad T61 Laptop.

I’m a big fan of the ThinkPad’s tough industrial design and bold style. And I’m lucky to obtain a ThinkPad myself just recently. The keyboard is legendary, I’ve never used any laptop with such comfortable keyboard. The business oriented laptop also features two pointing devices, a trackpad and a trackpoint. Both devices even have their own buttons. That’s lavish! The LCD display is asymmetrically placed on the laptop; it’s pretty obvious when the screen is not turned on, but during actual use, you do not notice it at all, a nice design touch. There is even a LED keyboard light that could be turned on when laptop is been used in the dark. I personally think this design is superior to illuminated keyboard, because you can actually read documents using the light, while a illuminated keyboard would do nothing for ya.

Lenovo’s technical support for the laptop is also top notch, the System Update software automatically picks correct programs for your ThinkPad, and update them through Lenovo’s server automatically. There is a technology called “ThinkVantage Active Protection”, which automatically monitor’s the laptop’s hard drive, and shut it down instantly in the event of an accident where you might have dropped your laptop, thus prevent data lose. An integrated fingerprint reader further enhances overall security by accepting your fingerprints as a source of authentication.

Performance wise, The ThinkPad T61 features a fast core 2 duo processor, upgradable to a relatively modern intel T9600 mobile processor. But even with its stock setup, which features a T7500 2.2ghz processor, the system runs windows 7 64bit very smoothly and play back HD contents just fine.

Sure there are some small quirks that need to be sorted out, such as the placement of USB ports are not ideal, and there is only a VGA output instead of a DVI port (although you can solve both problems with a docking station attached). The battery life is also not ideal, unless you use a 9-cell extended battery, which adds a significant amount of weight to your machine.



Canon Powershot S90 Digital Camera Brief Hands-On Review



The Canon PowerShot S90 is Canon’s best high end S-Series compact point and shoot digital camera.  Using the exact same sensor as Canon’s top of the line point & shoot, the PowerShot G11, the S90 delivers incredibly usable results in higher ISO (up to 3200) segment where most other point and shoot cameras would simply fail.  Canon achieves better noise control through both hardware (larger than usual  1/1.7″ CCD sensor with 24MP pixel density) and software means (Digic 4 Processor and Canon’s DPP image editing software).

I’ll try to sum up some pros and cons of this camera after using it for a few days.

Start with Pros:

Excellent noise control, usable images up to ISO 3200; resolution below iso 1600 comparable to a DSLR.
Compact – will slip into your jean pocket, but don’t sit with it.
Digic 4 Engine automatically corrects for lens distortion in JPG RAW(only by using DPP) and Movie Recording.
Useful front rotating dial, accompanied with the control dial on the back of the camera, allows control of 2 variable factors (ie. F stop & Shutter Speed, or ISO & Scene Selection) easily.
Plenty of manual control, as well as a handful of fully automatic modes and scenery recognition system.
Useful face recognition, great for parties and get togethers, not so good for selective focus.
Plastic LCD front protective glass, less likely to crack, but respectable to scratches.
Highly customizable white balance settings.
Ability to shoot RAW data

Despite been a very capable camera, the S90 falls short in a few areas:

Incredibly short battery life – less than 180 shots in cold weather. about 200 in normal temp.  You’ll want to have at least one backup battery with you.
No HD Movie recording capability – most entry level P&S cameras got HD, why not this one?
No autofocus or zooming during movie recording, basically renders movie recording useless.
Back control dial is easily moved around by accident when holding the camera, resulting in unwanted exposure adjustments.
On/Off button in an awkward position (right in middle of top cover), hard to reach for.
Automatic popup flash will almost always get into your way, based on the way we hold our cameras.
At telephoto end of zoom, aperture drops to F4.9 wide open, and max out at F8, very slow indeed.
Noticeable shutter lag, autofocus may not lock when subject is moving.
Lens distortion is not automatically corrected in RAW if not using Canon Supplied image editing program (DPP)

It may seem like the cons are overwhelming the pros, but you should not be discouraged, this is by far the best compact point and shoot I have used.

Sample Gallery (snapshots made using this camera)

Camera Gallery